Comforté cream – Menstrual Cramp Relief in Minutes!

Comforté cream – Relieves menstrual cramps in minutesMenstrual cramp relief doesn’t need to come from a pill. Your period is a natural function of your body. And for millennia women looked to the natural world for solutions to relieve cramps, sore back and tender breasts.

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Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful To Massage Comfort Onto Your Tummy?

Your menstrual period shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying life. And the solution shouldn’t manipulate your body chemistry or bring up issues of addiction for women in recovery. Your menstrual cramps can be solved by…

Ingredients from Africa

Natural Topical Cramping Remedies From An African Village

Menstrual cramping remedies have been available to African village women for centuries. They found a solution that didn’t require invading a woman’s body with pills. Learn more about their amazing remedy for period!

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Of Course You Have Questions About This Solution For Cramps

No woman should apply anything to her body without knowing what it is. Follow the link to our frequently asked questions about relieving menstrual cramps with Comforté.

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Village life has changed little in Africa. The women raise the children, create community, maintain peace and harmony with the natural world that surrounds them.

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"I can't believe how fast it works on my cramps! I bring it to school and use it during the days I have cramps. It makes gym class and sports a whole lot easier!"

— Nadine from Austin, Texas
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